About The Scenic Route

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line,
but it’s not always the most interesting path.

If there’s such a thing as taking the scenic route through life, I’m taking it. Even if it means getting lost, meandering through uncharted territory gives me perspective. It opens my mind to experiences I otherwise might have missed. Whether I’m inspired by beauty, lured by curiosity, or compelled by justice, I am transformed in the wandering.


This blog is where I share my notes from the road, or reflections on the situations of my life, the people I meet along the way, and what I’ve learned from it all.

My stories connect with readers because the themes are universal; yet at the same time, they cultivate compassion by inviting readers to consider another point of view. I hope that they inspire new understanding.

Through the art of storytelling, I explore the terrain of human experience which I consider sacred ground. I am a person of faith and my reflections are told through a progressive Christian lens, but one need not be Christian or even religious to engage with my writing. All voices are welcome, so please join the conversation.

Come, take the scenic route with me. You’ll be amazed by what you find when you let yourself get a little lost!

2 thoughts on “About The Scenic Route

  1. Pat Bowen

    I love to read everything you write, I am not a writer but I still enjoy reading what you write or other people have to say!

    • Erin Grayson

      Thank you, Pat. I’m so glad that you enjoy my writing. Check back often. I appreciate your feedback and look forward to your comments. Join the conversation!

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